About Me

I Want to Inspire People. I want someone to look at me and say “Because of You I did not give up.” And that’s what they actually do!

Hello, I am Dr. Vickram (Vicky),
I have survived much adversity and many challenges in my own life.
And I have truly learned much through attendance at the “University of Hard Knocks” and have graduated with outstanding grades.
Rather than letting the setbacks, tragedies, failures, and success of life pull me down, I have chosen to take these experiences and learn from them.
Through hard and smart work and dedication I have broken the cycle of negative events in my life, transforming myself in the process and making myself more capable to connect to happiness at all times.
When I was very young I learned that I had this  gift of clairvoyance, intuition and mystical experiences.
I knew then that I was a Psychic.
Today I am an ever evolving empath and I sense energies, feelings,  emotions and perceptions about people, things, situations or experiences.
I receive flashes and images while performing Intuitive readings (Tarot, Face readings, Palm readings, Psychology, & Astrological readings) and receive messages intuitively.
I specialize in questions regarding Life Decisions, emotional Difficulties, Relationship Issues, Career, Job, Money, Business Concerns, Goal Creation, Personal and Spiritual Growth, Exploring and Changing Old Beliefs, Healing and Transformation options, Metaphysical Challenges, Higher Consciousness choices, Life Coaching and much more
I have lost count of how many people I have healed, transformed or changed their lives in the last 2 decades.
I remember many experiences from when I was a child, many of which were shunned.
As I grew into a teenager, I developed a greater passion for all things spiritual.
I have used many different divination tools (tarot, chiromancy, astrology, physiognomy, etc) to help me along the way.
Over the years I have grown as a direct result of the information that has passed through me.
My guides and divination tools have led me through a series of spiritual exercises to help me prepare for this work. I use this gift to help others as much as I can and to clarify their paths and I am deeply honored to be doing this work.
I am grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to serve mankind and to share in some of the joy and blessings that life and all its varied experience brings us all.
I am a guide or you may call me a foresightful advisor who guides you and throws light in your path so it’s easier for you to make the best choices that comprehend with your goals and desires.
I empower people to determine their own future.
Life is a beautiful game and it needs to be played well.
We not mere mortals who only observe but we also actively participate in the journey of life.
In my professional career of 24+ years in the Engineering Industry, I worked with various multicultural multinationals as an International Business Operations & Marketing Professional handling business in excess of US $ 45 million and traveling to more than 30 countries evolving and transforming businesses.
Let’s connect! I am here to assist YOU!
With grace & peace,
Dr. Vickram Aadityaa (Vicky)


One thought on “About Me

  1. yesterday all confusions got cleared about my son easwar, the family and himself also felt happy.
    evening accidntly saw a shiva temple where easwar poured milk and prayed.
    wife and son had a peaceful sleep last night.

    Thank y sir.

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