Divination Tools

Divination Tools

Divination is considered the art or practice that would seek to foresee or foretell future events. Discoveries of hidden knowledge, usually by the interpretation of omens or by the assistance of supernatural powers was how it is perceived.

Divination is defined as: the art, act, or practice of foretelling future events, or revealing or obtaining occult (secret) knowledge through omens, oracles, signs, and portents, or through communication with divine or supernatural sources.

Divination is considered unusual insight or intuitive perception. As intuitive beings, we often tend to ‘let go of’ or ‘lose sight’ of this ability as we age.

Children are extremely intuitive and utilize this ability daily. As we grow older, it seems that we tend not to trust these feelings, images or concepts from our mind’s eye. They almost seem odd, irrational or just something that is hard to believe.

All forms of divination allow one to get in touch with one’s higher self (some say one’s intuition) in order to see situations more clearly and obtain guidance in solving one’s problems.

There are many tools used for divination; the most famous is undoubtedly the Tarot Cards. Other popular tools include palmistry-chiromancy, and Face reading-physiognomy.

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