Face Reading – Physiognomy

Face Reading – Physiognomy

The wide spectrum of facial features to which nobody pays attention in everyday life, becomes a key, allowing predicting behavior of the person, areas of effective professional activity, interpersonal communication skills, leadership abilities.

This method of face reading lets you visually define amorousness and sexuality, moral, volitional qualities, intellectual and organizing abilities, stability to pressures, stressful factors, predisposition to traumas and accidents, proneness to antisocial and non-traditional sexual orientation behavior, alcoholism, and much more.

We all understand the importance of facial expression in communication.  We know the meaning of a smile or a frown, but few realize that a face is a living record and personality profile rolled into one. Each face reflects in its structure and lines its owner’s personal history, mental attitudes, character traits, intimacy requirements, work ethic, personal preferences, and much more.


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