Code of Ethics

Intuitive Psychic Readings – Code of Ethics

Intuitive readings require a level of good trust between the reader and the client.  I offer practical, intuitive and ethical readings which aim to give you not a vision of the future, but a clearer idea of where you are now, how your actions impact on your present situation, and what you might do to find answers to your questions and move forwards to a better future.

As a professional intuitive psychic reader / advisor I am committed to the following Code of Ethics:

Privacy & Confidentiality:

I deal with particular intimate and sensitive matters and Intuitive readings are not casual conversations. In order to garner and retain client trust I will never reveal what a client tells me in an intuitive reading to any third party. All written and verbal communication with a client will be kept sacred and in complete confidence.

Integrity & Honesty:

I will adhere to a strict moral or ethical code and provide insightful information which comes from my intuition and the from the face,  palm, astrological or tarot readings I choose with the intention that it be for your highest good. I will always admit when I am not able to answer a client’s question.

Work with compassion, being Nonjudgmental – Unprejudiced:

I will always conduct intuitive readings with understanding and work with compassion and I am non-judgmental‘Non-Judgmental’ means not judging on the basis of one’s personal standards or opinions. ‘Compassion’, on the other hand, means deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.

Competency & Expertise:

I will only provide information which comes from my personal intuition, using tools and techniques which I have studied and mastered to a professional level. I will avoid giving advice in areas in which I am not knowledgeable.


I will emphasize the power that my clients have to create the future they desire. I will be encouraging and try to leave my clients with a sense of renewed strength and hope.  I will not encourage my clients become overly dependent upon my services.

Compensation – Fair and appropriate fees:

I perform a valuable and difficult function which has been refined through many years of self-training and experience so I will not under charge for my work. But I will also not take advantage of the client’s vulnerability.

I will not accept payment unless my client is satisfied with the reading. I reserve the right to refuse to read for any client, but I will return any compensation for such a reading.

Other consultancy services

I may consult with appropriate professionals and peers and I may refer clients to appropriate professionals or services if what they ask goes beyond my remit.

For example when my client has medical or legal questions. I may advise my client to reach out to other professionals whom clients may consult with confidentiality, for another perspective and advise.


  • I will not knowingly read for anyone under 18 without permission from their parent or guardian
  • I will not make any predictions concerning medical issues.
  • I will not make any predictions concerning physical death.
  • I will at all times maintain an ethical and professional relationship with my clients.
  • I will not abuse a client’s trust and vulnerability for my own personal benefit.


For legal reasons I must state that readings are provided for self-actualization and healing purposes only, and are never intended to substitute for legal, medical or other professional advice. I am not a medical doctor and cannot offer medical diagnosis. I am not a legal expert. While sometimes health issues or legal matters will come up in a reading, it is always best to talk to your medical professional or legal professional about any health or legal problem you are experiencing.

These readings are offered in a caring, supportive manner, but what you choose to do with them is up to you.  Remember, you always have the power to affect your own destiny.

With grace and peace,

Intuitive Psychic Vicky


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