I’ve been a client of Vickram for about 10 years now. He has amazing accuracy on events and time frame. I was involved in a legal matter recently, Vickram stated that the case would be dropped. At the time it was being pursued, but the week before trial it was dropped. He pinpointed an out of court settlement in the exact time frame. If you are looking for honesty and accuracy you are at the right place!

Bhoomika Chawla, Delhi, India.

I just want to thank you for the wonderful psychic reading I had with you this morning. I really enjoyed talking with you today, and feel the reading was exceptional! You hit right on when describing my wife, our relationship, my daughters and the financial status and I’m excited to see how some of the other things we addressed work out. — Thanks again!

Patrick Stewart, Sydney, Australia.

Vickram has been doing readings for me for several years. His accuracy is incredible! Today, I was looking over some notes he had given me about five years ago. He had actually told me what would be the outcome of a significant relationship in my daughter’s life. Needless to say, I was very skeptical at the time but everything now seems so right. Thank you, Vickram, for your caring, insight and sensitivity!

Anjelina Garett, London, Ontario, Canada.

I just want to thank you for the awesome reading you gave me yesterday, in just 15 minutes you were very direct and straight to the point, not to mention extremely accurate! It was definitely worth the money to have been able to gain such insight into my issues.
THANK YOU Vickram!

Raj Bhatia, Hotelier, Bandra, Mumbai, India.

“I think Vickram is one of the best psychics I have received readings from. I’ve had a couple of readings by him and he has always told the truth to my situation regardless if it is bad or good. I only trust him for readings as he answers all my questions with honesty. I will definitely keep coming back to him for my future readings. Because of him honesty I have all the answers I need to know to move on from my situation. Thanks, Vickram!”

Harshavardhan Patil, Borivali, Mumbai, India.

I talked to Dr. Aadityaa over the phone for a reading and he was so so accurate that it was almost unbelievable. Absolutely great, I say it again… he was very very accurate. He could completely connect to my energy and answer my questions so precisely and truthfully. I could see that he really cares about me and I cannot stress enough how truly accurate his readings are. I am very impressed, I am planning to continue to talk to him or visit him in the near future. Why isn’t he in Mumbai fulltime? He is expensive but truly paisa wasool!

Madhukar Phadke, DNS, Mumbai, India

Vickram is my confidante, and I refer all my interested friends to him for insight into life issues – crisis management, life changes, relationships, decisions, goals etc. He is warm, perceptive, intuitive, intelligent, and he walks the talk. For the big picture or help with the details, I recommend him. He is very qualified and I am a scientifically educated person, yet I have always found Vickram’s Intuitive Readings to be true, precise and helpful.

Abhilasha Choudhary, Mumbai, India.

“Thank you for another wonderful astrology session. You always provide incredible insights and seem to be able to intuitively focus, precisely, on whatever one needs to know in the present moment. We will talk again soon.”

Dr. Anamika Rao, Pyschoterapist, Mumbai, India.

I feel so encouraged and empowered because of our session today.  I was referred to you by my close friend and she had mentioned that You are a blessing to so many people and very gifted as an intuitive psychic astrologer. I really felt so blessed! Thank You for everything. I will always stay in touch.

Susan Patrick, Minnesota, USA.

Vickram’s expertise and experience provided practical wisdom and guidance. His understanding of both the astrological plane and humanity, combined with a wonderful sense of humor gave me the courage to make choices in few areas of my life, and create stability. Very valuable experience. Thank you!

Mr. Milind Joglekar, Pune, India.

“Thank you so much for a deeply insightful chart reading yesterday. My wife and I were thoroughly impressed with the depth and nuance you could see in our birth-charts and we had an hour of fruitful conversation later. Thank you again for an impressive reading and we will definitely stay in touch!”

Dr, Umashankar Trivedi, Hyderabad, India.

Few days ago after another sleepless night, I woke up and decided to contact Dr. Vickram Aadityaa’.  My subconscious indicated me that there is no other choice better than Dr. Vickram Aadityaa’ to assist me with finding a solution through a detailed reading for my ongoing sleeping issue or challenge rather. Dr. Vickram Aadityaa’ was very attentive for my request, he replied to my request with great enthusiasm and a true desire to help. The thorough reading I have received from Dr. Vickram Aadityaa’ is very deep and detailed, the reading guides you through major areas of your life where some good advice and guiding gesture would do a great help for a person development. Dr. Vickram Aadityaa’ is this reaching hand, he wants to guide you! Genuinely!!! At this time and age genuine psychic as Dr. Vickram Aadityaa’ are as valuable as Gold!!! Dr. Vickram Aadityaa’ guides you through your personality, your temper, your happiness, your career and health! I was fascinated with how accurate Dr. Vickram Aadityaa’ was with regards to my health and I would be forever grateful for his advice regarding my health and how to improve my vitality. I would cherish these health advices for as long as I AM. Dr. Vickram Aadityaa’ analyses all aspects above and adds his valuable advice for you: His advice is versatile and includes within it beans of wisdom of how to take your life and improve them for the best, with good nutrition, chanting and teaching you constantly to use positive thinking . Dr. Vickram Aadityaa’ readings are unique for me as I felt embraced within a huge amount of knowledge and Love while getting the help I was seeking. It is a great honor to have been read by you and I highly recommend everyone to choose You, Dr. Vickram Aadityaa’ t Dr. Vickram Aadityaa’ to shed an enormous amount of light and wisdom on their lives. Much Appreciation for your help and guidance. Namaste, Lee

Lee Ashendorf – Spiritual Healing for Humans, Pets, & Horses at OWL.ourworld love, South Africa

“Dr.Vickram Aadityaa is highly experienced and well educated master of his art. His insights are deep, profound, intellectual, wise and accurate. His unique method of intuitive psychic readings embraces various techniques creating synthesis of the elements in order to shed a light on someones life path. So the wider picture and multiple layers of situations and life circumstances reveal themselves with clarity in all of their aspects to be seen and analyzed in order to make healthy and real, good life decisions.He is a great person and true friend and I feel great respect and gratitude for his outstanding work, help, kindness and support.”

Ivo Dolnicar – Hatha Yoga Teacher, Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Operative Yoga Trainer, Owner – Belgrade, Serbia

Vickram is by far the most gifted and spiritual soul that I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around. He has so much positive and inspiring energy, that you can’t help but feel good just by being around him. The reading he gave me was accurate and heart felt. This man is truly a gift to this world, and I’m so thankful for him.

Girish Kulkarni, Actor, Mumbai

I recently had a reading from Vickram Aadityaa. I was quite pleased at the accuracy I felt from him in this reading. I felt Vickram not only validates some things I had already heard, but gave additional insights. Because of this, I have since been able to work through a couple of blocks and move forward with my life. This experience effected me not only immediately, but I am still benefiting from this wonderful encounter. Vickram delivers the reading with compassion and accuracy, and that he truly understands the healing impact his work can have on people. Thank you so much for this wonderful reading.

Martha Stevens, California USA (During visit to Pune, India)

After going to seek advice from Mr. Vickram I was very pleased with the guidance I received especially since it was at a very complex and difficult time for me. I was very nervous and felt like I had no direction. Mr. Vickram spoke honestly and gave me clarity and hope to move on in my life. What I like when I meet with him is he inconveniently true which is not always easy to digest but when what he predicts turn out correct it gave me the strength to handle it and move on and get to where I am today. I am definitely a believer and look forward to guidance in my future endeavors. Thank you Mr. Vickram.

Dr. Ashok Shrivastava, Pune.

Dr. Vickram creates a safe and comfortable environment while reading and that makes you speak up everything to him. He is very warm and caring which makes the reading more special. I have been to him several times and have returned with lot of hope and confidence. Bless Him for his magical personality.

Vishwas Jadhav, Mumbai.

I had an “over the phone / skype” reading with Dr. Vickram. I heard his voice and instantly I was comfortable enough to ask him many personal questions and have all of them answered. His knowledge, his inspiring conversation benefited me to be the very special person I am today.

Timothy Mayopoulos, Melbourne, Australia.

I am new to all this, but I was very impressed with the insights that Vickram provided me in our session. He clearly tapped into my intuition and gave me enlightening new directions to explore. Vickram is clearly a gifted individual who is down to earth, truthful and non-judgmental which made a huge effect on me and my thinking. Everything seems changed for good now. I recommend him highly.

Dorothy Parker, Illinois, USA. (During visit to Pune, India)

Vickram is a very Professional & Accurate astrologer in today’s dynamic world. I’m also a student of astrology, still, I’m very much surprised with his accuracy of predictions. His approach towards his clients and the way he combines 4 different divination tools to draw conclusions and predictions is remarkable, He uses pysiognomy, astrology, tarot, and chiromancy in his readings. His method of explaining things by giving apt examples ensures that his clients understand their life better and take positive, proper & willful action to rewrite their destiny. I wish him all the best for his great work.

Chandni Agarwal – MBA Student, Pune.

It was very nice meeting Vickram. I had to wait for 2 anxious weeks before I could get his appointment. He predicted that I would have good opportunities & I will rise in my career. He also told me to apply for MNC job and he said I’ll have a chance to work for a very good company. Well yes! I got a job offer from one of the best companies in India and I am so happy now. All financial troubles seem to be over now. Many Thanks to Vickram for his support, encouragement and advise. I can definitely say that his predictions turned out accurate.

Amol Gupte – Infosys, Pune.

I have seen many people, claiming to be an astrologer. Unfortunately I happen to know how they manipulate things so that makes me more of annoyed than amazed. I could trust only Vickram. Whatever he predicts, was pure intuition, no mathematics and computation and it kept on proving true, one by one. Best part, he always speaks true and not something convenient to customer’s requirement and that’s what I respect and like most.

  1. Balasubramaniam, Bangalore

Vickram is a very Professional & Accurate astrologer in today’s dynamic world. I’m also a student of astrology, still, I’m very much surprised with his accuracy of predictions. His approach towards his clients and the way he combines 4 different divination tools to draw conclusions and predictions is remarkable, He uses pysiognomy, astrology, tarot, and chiromancy in his readings. His method of explaining things by giving apt examples ensures that his clients understand their life better and take positive, proper & willful action to rewrite their destiny. I wish him all the best for his great work.

Suchitra Ghate, IBM, Pune.

I have always felt supported and more grounded after having a session with Vickram. I just recently had a reading done with him, and through this experience, I was able to make peace with my Parents, as well as understand more the places I have been stuck in my life. This is such a gift to me. Vickram is very encouraging, understanding, wise and generous. I love connecting with him and having his support as I grow on my spiritual path.

Mr. S. Paranjape – Builder / Real Estate Baron, Pune.

I recently had a reading by Vickram Aadityaa. I had never had one before and he took the time to speak with me to put me at ease. The information in the reading totally resonated with me. The tools he helped me with have been a tremendous help, and something I need in my life daily.

Rahul Bhojwani, Pune.

I had a wonderful and life changing meeting with Vickram! It was such a unique and wonderful experience which I learned so very much from. I have since followed his advice for my path and personal growth and have become a better person for it. Thank you Vickram for all you are and all you do.

Francis Alukkas, Jeweller of International Repute.

Vickram recently did a reading for me over the phone. I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck in a rut regarding what kind of career I should be in. Vickram was amazing – he knew exactly what I was going through…right down to the details. After the reading with Vickram, I felt energized and ready to get out of my rut and move forward with my life. Thank you, Vicki! You’re a wonderful person.

Samantha Massey, UK.

I met Vickram when stress at work was taking a toll on me. I went through so many meditation and stress management courses and camps but no relief whatsoever. After I met him I felt completely relaxed and confident about managing stress at work. I was so impressed with Vickram that I met with him again and again not for life predictions but for his able guidance and huge inspiration.

  1. Mukherjee, Delivery Head, Cognizant, Pune

When I found Vickram, I was very apprehensive and frightened because of societal beliefs and my own family’s beliefs about astrology and predictions in general. All members of my family looked down on as evil or something crazy people do. Once I broke that barrier and called Vickram, my healing began. My first meeting with him, I was very nervous, but he immediately put me at ease with his knowledge and understanding demeanor. He is brilliant at his work, kind and trust me my life really changed thereafter. I recommend him highly.

Roshni Mody, Head TA, L’Oreal

“I cannot find enough words to express how gifted Vickram is. He changed my life so tremendously in the months that I have worked with him. He gave me my life back. I have talked to many people over the past year and finally God lead me to the right person. Everything Vickram has told me has come to pass in a matter of a few days. He educated me on what was happening in my life and the future outcome – so direct, honest and sincere and most important correct! Thank you so much. I will suggest him to anyone who need’s guidance and spiritual counseling, please don’t look any further.

Dr. Mahesh Thorat

I’ve had several psychic readings with Vickram. Not only is he very accurate at perceiving what’s happening around me, but he cares. He is kind, helpful, and a good shoulder to cry on when I need it.

Mrs. Nalini Sen

“Vickram now knows me better than I know myself. During a very dark time in my life, he knew exactly what I needed to do to turn things around. I will be forever grateful!”

Mrs. Kamini Saxena

“You gave me a reading not long ago. About 2 weeks, I think. I have put in to place almost everything you advised. I feel two thousand percent better. I can’t even believe it. : ) – Many thanks.

Ketaki Pandit, NJ, USA.


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